About us

About us

Who we are

Besides our normal jobs we both wandted to do something, that just makes real fun. To us - and to those who will buy our products.

We are

  • Adin Hassa - responsible for having wild ideas, thinking around all corners, thinking of strange marketing ideas, father of our countdown calendars
  • Monica Karl - doing all the artwork, having wild ideas too, doing all the production & shipping, webmaster-job and accounting.


Making of our products

We are very interested in producing products of such quality that we'd love to buy them ourselves. Therefore we don't outsource the production to "cheaper countries" but do the production here in Germany. Somewhere around the world you could probalbly produce much cheaper and we'd probably earn much more - but this way seems to us the right way.
So we are not able to compete with lowest-budget-prices - and we don't want to. For us it is much more important to secure jobs here in Germany and to offer products in good quality.